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Research & innovation update

We are proud to share that Dr. Frank Sullivan, the Gordon F. Cheesbrough Research Chair in Family and Community Medicine at North York General Hospital, recently delivered the prestigious James Mackenzie Lecture at the Royal College of General Practitioners Annual General Meeting in London, England. Dr. Sullivan was joined by a Canadian contingent made up of members of the Cheesbrough family and representatives from both North York General Hospital and the University of Toronto (Dr. Sullivan is also Director of UTOPIAN, the University of Toronto Practice-Based Research Network, which links 14 hospitals including North York General).

Returning close to his home across the pond, Scottish-born Dr. Sullivan’s lecture, “Atomic Data,” was well received by his medical and academic peers. Passionate about health informatics, electronic medical records, decision support systems and community based trials, Dr. Sullivan’s lecture explored how “big data” (or large volumes of data) can be used to improve the delivery of care.

Dr. Sullivan’s discussion was fitting as the lecture was named for James Mackenzie, a Scottish cardiologist who pioneered research in primary care at the turn of the 20th century. Now, over 100 years after Mackenzie initially uncovered the research potential in practitioners’ records, physicians and academics such as Dr. Sullivan are creating systems to utilize this data.

North York General Hospital is the ideal setting for health care research. More than 45 years of exceptional care and a steadfast commitment to patient safety, process improvement and medical education have earned North York General the reputation as one of Canada’s leading academic community hospitals. Affiliated with the University of Toronto, and with membership on the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario — a seat typically reserved for academic health science centres — we are uniquely positioned to study, create, share and implement exceptional ways of providing health care.

Our hospital’s distinct combination of clinical strengths, high patient volumes and diverse population data has allowed us to become a “living lab” for sustainable practice-based research that will truly help us go beyond care for our patients, driving research to predict the outcomes that will improve our patients’ health and quality of life.

Dr. Sullivan’s lecture was a proud moment for North York General and, indeed, for our nation. The Gordon F. Cheesbrough Research Chair in Family and Community Medicine is the first of its kind in Canada, and Dr. Sullivan was the first of a suite of research chairs that North York General is seeking to fill in order to establish a fully donor-funded research institute. North York General is determined to connect the currently fragmented health care system and reorganize care around patients and their families. With Dr. Sullivan’s leadership and our community’s support, we will help solve the puzzle of efficiency and effectiveness in health care.

The health care system of tomorrow is being created right here in our own backyard today. To support research and innovation at North York General, click here.