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Foundation Hosts Donor Appreciation Tour of New Breast Services Facility

The Foundation welcomed a group of special guests to North York General Hospital on Thursday, June 23, 2011 to celebrate the opening of the newly renovated BMO Financial Group Breast Diagnostic Centre. Our lead supporters and donors were given the first tour of the brand-new centre, opened on Tuesday, June 21, as a way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude for all of their contributions to the BDC over the years.

North York General Hospital is a leader in breast cancer care and diagnostic imaging. Through the generosity of our donors, we have had the opportunity to reconfigure our Breast Diagnostic Centre with patient- and family-focused care in mind. We have created a warm and caring environment where our patients will receive rapid diagnosis and treatment.

The Foundation Board Chair, Samuel Elfassy, welcomed attendees and introduced Dr. Nancy Down, Deputy Chief of Surgery & General Surgeon, and Dr. Liz LaMere, Chief Radiologist & Medical Director, who gave a brief presentation on our breast cancer care program, followed by an interactive tour of the new Breast Diagnostic Centre.

Special thanks were given to Kathy Badeau, who, with her husband Brad, made the single largest contribution to the renovation itself. Other important contributors to the BDC were Charlotte and Lewis Steinberg, who have been lead donors to the Hospital for many years, and who created the Karen, Heather and Lynn Steinberg Breast Services by funding several crucial pieces of equipment, including 3D digital mammography machines featuring tomosynthesis technology. Digital mammography is the latest innovation in breast cancer screening and diagnosis, improving the chances for early detection and allowing for fewer unnecessary biopsies, fewer recalls and faster, more accurate diagnoses.

“We are justifiably proud of our Breast Diagnostic Centre, and grateful to the many donors who have made it possible to offer such state of the art technology as digital mammography and breast MRI,” said Dr. Down. “Our reopened Breast Diagnostic Centre will continue the focus on the comprehensive caring approach to the patient with breast disease: from our volunteers and secretary, who welcome and usher the women throughout the clinic, to the technical staff who skillfully perform the ultrasounds and mammograms, the medical staff -- radiologists, surgeons and pathologists, and our nurses who counsel and comfort the patients. This beautiful new facility will allow us to continue caring for these patients in an up-to date, warm environment.”

Special guests at the opening also included representatives from the fundraising events which have supported the BDC, including the Human Race, Heart of Fashion, the Shoppers Tree of Life, and Slavens Gives Back.

It is because of our amazing team of doctors, pathologists, genetics technicians, nurses, and allied health professionals that we are able to be leaders in breast cancer care. Several of our team members joined the tour, including Vice President Karyn Popovich, Dr. Daryl Roitman, Medical Director of Cancer Care, Anna Tupis, Director of Cancer Care, Dr. Donna McRitchie, Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee, and Dr. Stan Feinberg, Chief of Surgery and Program Medical Director.