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The Chae Family

It was just a routine ultrasound. Until, suddenly, there was nothing routine about it.

Hanna Chae, who was 22 weeks pregnant, didn’t know what was wrong. But when her obstetrician immediately advised her to go to North York General Hospital, Hanna and her husband, Byron, listened.

When they arrived at North York General, the Chae's were shocked to find out that Hanna was at a very high risk of miscarrying. She could have lost her baby at any moment.

Hanna was rushed into emergency surgery, where the skilled hands of North York General surgeons helped save her baby's life.

Thanks to North York General, Hanna was able to carry her baby safely for another four months. On July 22nd, Kehilla Dream Chae was born, weighing 6 lb 5 oz.

Hanna, Byron and big brother Samuel, left our hospital together, as a new family of four.


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Patient Story