The Vision Fund

Donations to the Vision Fund will enable our hospital to be nimble in responding to the most vital needs of our patients, right away. Unrestricted gifts will help us to finance essential renovations and urgent clinical care needs in strategically important areas of the Hospital.

Providing care to more than 400,000 patients annually, North York General Hospital serves one of the most diverse populations in the world. With projected growth to over 600,000 patients within the next ten years, our hospital is planning today to ensure we can continue to provide exceptional care in the future.

It is a reality of healthcare that hospitals are faced with the challenge of providing care to more patients, often with more complex needs, with the same pool of funds. While the government funds the basic operating costs of our hospital, it’s philanthropy that funds excellence and allows our dedicated physicians and staff to innovate for the benefit of our patients. Support from donors allows North York General to provide our patients with access to leading-edge technology and equipment, provide ongoing educational opportunities to our physicians and staff, spearhead world-class research and establish new standards for best practices in the delivery of care.

A gift to the Vision Fund is an investment in the health of our community and makes a world of difference in the lives of the patients who rely on us each and every day.

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