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Leveraging Innovation

Jennifer Rae
Friday, October 6, 2017

Leveraging Innovation

Leveraging Innovation: Introducing The Steinberg Family Surgical Safety Program

If a hospital can be likened to an airport, servicing thousands of busy patients and visitors, then an operating room is our runway, facilitating complex take-offs and landings daily.

The operating rooms of North York General Hospital (NYGH) see over 16,000 patients annually, covering nine different areas of surgical services. Each of our surgical suites provides critical and immediate care to our patients and are recognized as one of the most multi-faceted settings within the hospital where safety is paramount.

This year, NYGH will be the second hospital in Canada to implement the Operating Room (OR) Black Box, an innovative observation tool that will drastically impact both the patient safety and surgical safety experience.

Similar to a Black Box on an airplane, the OR Black Box is a multi-channel data recorder with video and audio feeds that facilitate a detailed observation of a surgery and the conditions of the surgical suite.

This data is then reviewed by a panel of impartial expert surgeons who use global rating scales to evaluate surgical error rates, technical and nontechnical skills, and other factors that could influence a surgical procedure.

While this technology will improve patient safety and outcomes, it will also evaluate the skills and resilience of our surgical teams who are embracing this cutting-edge tool. The OR Black Box will give our teams the opportunity to highlight and reinforce behaviours that are benefitting patient care, offering unprecedented transparency and leading practice in Canadian hospitals.

NYGH showcased this technology at the Foundation’s 2017 Chairman’s Circle Lecture, a yearly event that invites some of NYGH’s most generous donors to a behind-the-scenes look at our hospital. After an engaging panel discussion, the Foundation immediately received a generous donation from Charlotte and Lewis Steinberg to create the Steinberg Family Surgical Safety Program. A special thank you to the Steinbergs for investing in safety, quality and transparency in the operating room!

This is just the beginning of surgical safety at NYGH. With further donor investment, we will purchase the following equipment integral to providing the best patient experience.

Operating Room Tables

Next generation surgical OR tables that feature the newest technology, infection control enhancements and safety features.

Price: $63,000/suite (3 needed)

Instrument Tracking System

Program-wide instrument tracking system that ensures every piece of equipment used in

surgery can be tracked from sterilization to surgical procedures and back.

Price: $77,000/suite (3 needed)

To learn more and to find out how you can help, contact 416-756-6898 or Dora.Boylen-Pabst@nygh.on.ca