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Minimally invasive surgery, big impact

Jenn Rae
Wednesday, February 1, 2017

NYGH’s Colorectal Cancer Program has redefined the way that cancer surgery is approached in the GTA. As champions of minimally invasive surgical techniques, we have demonstrated the extensive benefits of laparoscopic surgery (including faster healing, reduced pain and better patient outcomes), establishing it as a standard of care throughout our region.

Already leaders in colorectal cancer surgery, our surgeons continue to seek out innovative options and techniques, performing advanced surgical procedures that can be found in specialized colorectal cancer centres worldwide. In fact, NYGH is home to one of only a handful of surgeons in North America trained to perform Transanal Minimally Invasive Total Mesorectal (TAMIS) Excision – a specialized procedure used to remove difficult to reach tumours, often without any incisions. With high patient volumes, a variety of specialized procedures and the expertise of leaders in the field, it’s no wonder that NYGH is one of the most highly sought after rotations for University of Toronto surgical residents. Our leaders and innovators are training the next generation of cancer surgeons in the GTA, right here in North York

“We use the absolute latest techniques and perform procedures that a lot of other hospitals don’t do,” Dr. Peter Stotland, Colorectal Surgeon explains. “We have a unique culture of trying cutting edge technology here at NYGH.”

Our Colorectal Cancer Program would not have had the tools to become a leader in minimally invasive cancer surgery without philanthropic support. Our entire fleet of laparoscopic surgical towers was funded by donors, with a leading gift from Cynthia Torokvei and family.

You can help NYGH’s Colorectal Cancer Program continue to excel by helping bring three new operating tables to our hospital. Our existing tables are approaching the end of their life span and, in order to ensure the highest standards of surgical care, they must be replaced. At $62,720 each, we need your support to bring three new state-of-the-art tables to our operating rooms.

Contact NYGH Foundation to find out how your gift will help. At NYGH, Going Beyond Care is what we do – but we can’t do it without you.


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