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Donors like you help us go beyond care

Jennifer Rae
Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dr. Peter Stotland and Richard Crouse.

When you think of North York General Hospital, you probably think of our talented physicians and engaged staff. They are truly the heart of our hospital.

But you are probably forgetting someone else who is very important. Someone who does not usually get top billing, but is critical to making North York General’s exceptional level of care possible. That someone is you.

Donors like you support our staff and give them the tools they need to save lives. North York General’s physicians and staff have the means to go beyond care when people like you support them. According to Richard Crouse, film critic for CTV’s Canada AM, this is as true in the movies as it is in our hospital walls.

“Stars may get most of the credit, but you need supporting actors to tell the story,” says Richard. “Nothing in life works properly unless you have the supporting players in place.”

Richard recently experienced your support firsthand, after a tumour was found during a routine colonoscopy. He was referred to Dr. Peter Stotland, a Surgical Oncologist with North York General’s colorectal cancer program, and an expert in minimally invasive surgery.

“Dr. Stotland's approach was so reassuring I wasn't even worried about the surgery,” recalls Richard. “Especially after he explained the cancer would be removed laparoscopically.”

Laparoscopic surgery, also called minimally invasive surgery, is a modern surgical technique in which operations are performed through small incisions (usually 0.5–1.5 cm).  The technique is much less invasive, leading to faster healing and minimized discomfort after surgery. North York General’s new laparoscopic surgical towers – including the one used in Richard’s procedure – were funded by donors with a leading gift by Cynthia Torokvei and family.

“Where it's appropriate, laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery has significant advantages over traditional surgery techniques,” says Dr. Stotland. “We are grateful to the community for giving us the tools we need to provide our patients with the best outcomes.”

Not only is this surgical equipment helping patients like Richard today, it is also supporting surgeons like Dr. Stotland and Dr. Stan Feinberg, as they train the next generation of the GTA’s gastro-intestinal surgeons.

Thanks to Dr. Stotland’s expertise using the new laparoscopic towers, just one day after his surgery, Richard was walking and watching the latest Mission Impossible movie. Three days later, he was home and getting back to his life. This is the power of philanthropy  – your generosity is helping patients get back to what’s most important – living their lives. If you ask Richard, he’ll say you deserve a standing ovation.

We need you  to help give our physicians and staff the right tools for the job. Please support North York General’s most urgent equipment needs. Donate today!